The Process

Hottinger’s ETF Signals are based on, and timed for the New York market. Our algorithms are designed to take advantage of short-term market aberrations, while at the same time limiting the capital exposure of a buy & hold strategy. Thus, they are at maximum a 5 day trade. The coming week’s signal is emailed to you shortly after the market’s close at the end of the last trading day of the week, and in any event no later than noon on Saturday. This should allow time to plan strategy prior to the next market opening. Because client risk levels are unknown, our algorithms are written to use the week’s Open and Close as the entry and exit values, without the benefit of targets or stops. You should be able to achieve even higher results using pre-determined Stops, Targets, and even Options.

The Value

When measured by their CAGR values, our algorithms are an investment, not an expense. Subscribers operating Private Investment funds or client SMAs or SDBAs will find Hottinger’s ETF Signals a valuable tool with high ROI, given the performance increase that can be produced across multiple accounts.


Looking Ahead

The trade charts and Summary of Results are examples of what these new algorithms can produce. Incorporate our numbers into your prior year results to see the improvement you could have recorded with just a small percentage of assets devoted to one or more of our programs, and using your own risk levels. (Supporting spreadsheets available upon request).

Currently we offer coverage of these major Indices & Sectors: SPY, QQQ, GLD


If you do not see your favorite ETF listed, please let us know. It may already be in development. Otherwise, we will attempt to write an algorithm for it. The only cost for this would be the price of the signals once you have tested and ordered them.

Our Billing

Our service is invoiced “in arrears”. Trades long or short, using the week’s Open and Close as the entry and the exit, produce either a positive or a negative Signal Value. These values are summed for the month. and if positive, an invoice is issued for that algorithm program.

“If there are no signals, there is no monthly invoice.”

You will only be paying for winning signals!

If a program’s Signal Values are negative for any month, then that program will not be invoiced until its cumulative signal return is positive. (Gains accrued by subscribers in excess or in contrast to our program signals through use of stops or targets or options are obviously gratis.)

Invoices are emailed at month end, and payment can be made either by credit card or by an ACH transfer to our bank. If a payment is not received within 4 business days, we will assume that account has been cancelled. (ACH transfers are rewarded with a 5% discount.)