Improved Quality of Signals is proud to announce that in order to improve both the quantity of signals and their quality,

we have added some code to our trading algorithms. Also, the number of ETF’s we follow was increased substantially. 

You will now find weekly trading signals for:

                                      SPY   QQQ   GLD   SLV   EEM   IWM   XLF   SCHB   HYG   XLE

These improved algorithms now produce a Buy or a Sell signal for every week.  And their results, back-tested to all the data we could retrieve, are based on our standard measurement which has not changed: 

                                  Enter on Monday Open and  Exit on Friday Close.

(Careful traders will take their profits earlier.  And most of our clients are using the weekly ETF options as their trading vehicle.)

These back-tested results were almost too good to believe (see below). But after many hours of review, we could not find an error in the coding, and thus are publishing them with confidence that users will not be disappointed when using this new information.

These new signals are designed primarily for knowledgeable, experienced ETF weekly option traders.

Obviously, this expansion of service in both product quantity and quality does require an increase in pricing.

How much value would you place on a signal that arrived Saturday for the following Monday Open, and had a better than 70% winning performance when measured against the Friday Close?  Does “$10 per signal” sound about right?  Guess again.

Now, instead of 3 different levels, our weekly service has been reduced to a single offering:

                             just $8.75 per signal x 10 ETFs x 4 weeks = $350 every 4 weeks. 

                                              And, this comes with a guarantee:

  If our signals have not produced 25 winners in your 4 weeks, (measured as Enter on Monday Open, Exit on Friday Close),

 we will refund your subscription cost of $350 – or extend your service for another 4 weeks – your choice!)

                                              (( This increase in pricing will take effect immediately.))

                                                            * * * * * * * * * *     * * *    * * * * * * * * * *

  ***  Email us your request for a spreadsheet of back-test results:

          It will come in csv format with: 

                                                Start & End Dates,

                                                Signal wins & losses,

                                                ETF Index points won & lost,

                                                Profit Factors (all above 4),

                                                # of Consecutive wins & losses (astounding),

                                                Average Intra-week gains & Losses (measured in Index points),

                                                Average 4 week earnings (in Index points)

 n.b.  Your email address will be secure.  We do not save or distribute email addresses.