New weekly ETF signal.

We are announcing the introduction of a new weekly ETF signal.

It is generated by a new algorithm specifically tested and targeted on SLV.

Traders using our weekly ETF Profit-Opportunity Signals have been disappointed in recent weeks by the lack of signals.  Our current algorithms have been severely affected by the covid-produced market volatility, and are producing fewer weekly signals. 

Our SLV algorithm will produce a signal each week and is aimed at the ETF market. 

This signal will be accessible on the Saturday preceding the Monday Open. 

Hottinger’s Weekly ETF signal for SLV can be used directly on:

the iShares Silver Trust (SLV) or its options.

This SLV signal will be included in all future weekly signal publications at no additional cost.

Our SLV algorithm has been back-tested from 4/17/2000 (as far back as we were able to collect data) to 11/2/2020.  These are the results from its weekly trades:

                                                  SLV  4/17/2000 to 11/2/2020

                                                 Enter on Monday Open – – Exit on Friday close

1,059 trades:  716 wins to 343 losses = a 67.6% winning average.

746.20 points won less 225.52 points lost = 520.68 net points.

Profit Factor = 3.31

Average Win = 1.04                                                            

Average Loss = 0.66

Average Trade = 0.49

Max Intra-week Gain = 12.57 points

Max Intra-week Drawdown =  7.50 points

Max Consecutive Wins = 22

Max Consecutive Losses = 5                                                               

We cannot guarantee that this performance will continue. 

You will be trading at your own risk when you use any of our signals.

We are publishing information only, and not advice.

Cautious traders will exit early, particularly when using the weekly options.