Our History

HottingerSignals was born in 1990, advertising in Stocks & Commodities magazine with the phrase: “pay only for winning signals” - - a philosophy we adhere to today.

Our program traded the OEX, and was based on an algorithm developed while studying with Ibbotson (Stock Market Theory) and Roberts (Progressive Statistics) at the University of Chicago’s MBA course.

Signals were faxed out nightly, and were soon going to clients in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. This operation ceased after several years when payment collections became a major problem.

In 2001, our HottingerSignals.com website was launched in response to requests for investment advice that improved on the “Buy & Hold” philosophy. This was our E-Zone System (recently sold). It advertised: “Buy & Hold can be dangerous - - use our Entry and Exit Zones to preserve your capital”.

This same system was successfully tested by Refco on 10 Yr T-Bonds, Gold, and the US$ / Swiss Franc. Refco provided the data and next day instructions were emailed to them nightly. A contractual agreement was never reached to disclose the program to them for real-time trading, thus ending our association with them.

Our latest series of trading algorithms have been designed to serve the Wealth Management industry, providing a means of increasing performance while at the same time limiting capital exposure.

You are invited to use our Free Trial to determine whether our ETF Signals could enhance your performance. We are confident you will find them to be a useful addition to your strategy.

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